March 2d thru March 6th, 2016

153 1/2 Stanton Street, New York

part of: "Don't Make a Scene" - 11 Solo Exhibitions

Event-driven, Open loop, Continuous control, 2016
Dimensions variable
Inkjet print, Lighting truss, ViziBeam Hybrid 2R Intelligent Moving Head Spotlight.

The foundational gesture of systems theory is to distinguish an inside (the system) from an outside (the environment).

'Gentlemen' he would say, 'collect your thoughts and enter into yourselves. We are not at all concerned now with anything external, but only with ourselves.' And, just as he requested, his listeners really seemed to be concentrating upon themselves. Some of them shifted their position and sat up straight, while others slumped with downcast eyes. But it was obvious that they were all waiting with great suspense for what was supposed to come next. Then he would continue: 'Gentlemen, think about the wall.' And as I saw, they really did think about the wall, and everyone seemed able to do so with success. 'Have you thought about the wall?' he would ask. 'Now, gentlemen, think about whoever it was that thought about the wall.' The obvious confusion and embarrassment provoked by this request was extraordinary. In fact, many of the listeners seemed quite unable to discover anywhere whoever it was that had thought about the wall.

Create an experience to be remembered with the ViziBeam Hybrid 2R, the forefront of Moving Head technology.